It's Paul

The Senior Frontend Developer you need!

who am I?

  • A Senior Frontend Developer at Hermes .
  • Huge Vue.js enthusiast and advocate.

in more details

In 2017 I had chosen to follow my passion and become a programmer. After a rough start - coding late at night while still working full time - I've decided to dedicate to programming.

Since then, I strive to perfect my coding skills by educating myself towards creating clean, easy to enlargement code. I gathered enough experience in front end development to be a valuable employee and to make the web a beautiful place with every line of code.

  • Name: Paul Ozyzniewski
  • Town: Barnsley

what am I good at?

Tell me and I forget,
teach me and I may premember,
involve me and I learn

- Benjamin Franklin

skills and technologies

All my experience comes from hard work, practice, hours spent on reading technical docs and many sleepless nights.

My main focus is to provide high-quality code that implements the newest standards while remembering about good practices


Collection of my recent design and development work. I am constantly working on new projects so this list will soon be expanded.

Portfolio Projects List

how to contact me?

Contact me if you are looking for talented and hard working Senior Frontend Developer!