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About me

  • Tell me about yourself

    I’m Paul, and I’m a Senior Front End Developer at Evri, a well-known parcel delivery & courier service in the Uk. I use my keen eye for design and a strong command of Javascript to develop front end experiences, landing pages, apps, emails, and many more. I’ve built many sites that are professional, eye-catching, responsive and easy to navigate. With more than five years in the industry, I’ve gathered enough experience to be a valuable employee and make the web a beautiful place with every line of code.

  • What are you currently responsible for at your work?

    • I work with the squad to help plan all software development activities and help the team achieve its business outcomes.
    • I act as technical lead for all Ul developments and work with architecture to ensure we continue to use modern front end development frameworks and tooling.
    • I maintain the 'Evri Digital Image' for all front end developments through the use of a UX asset library.
    • I coordinate the implementation of UI releases using our Cl tooling.
    • I help to guide and mentor junior team members.
    • I play an active role in building out agile ways of working within the team
  • Why should I hire You?

    I have the experience needed for the Senior Front End Developer position and an attitude that helps me solve any problem. I have excellent organisation skills, which I think are crucial to meeting deadlines, and decent soft skills that help me communicate with other colleagues. Finally, I’m very interested in expanding my knowledge and being a part of an excellent team.

  • What are your hobbies outside of work?

    My main hobby is programming. I like to read docs, watch tutorials and listen to podcasts like JavaScript Jabber, Js Party, Syntax or Views on Vue. I also love snowboarding and skateboarding, which I have regularly done for 20 years.

  • What are the biggest strengths?

    That's my can-do attitude, and that I don’t give up easily. I know that every problem can be solved, so if there’s a bug in my code or a challenging situation in the team, I know it’s just a matter of time before finding a way to fix it.

  • What are your weaknesses?

    My biggest weakness is my English because I am not a native speaker, but that’s something that I work on every day.

  • What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in five years?

    I am planning to keep growing as a developer because, in this industry, there is always something interesting to learn, which I appreciate.

  • Do you prefer working remotely or in-person with your team?

    I like both, although I must say that WFH is something that suits me more.

  • How do you handle situations where too much is put on your plate?

    For me, the most important thing is not to let a situation like this happen in the first place. I achieve this by planning my job. For example, before I finish my day, I spend 10 to 15 minutes checking deadlines and preparing checklists with tasks that need to be done the next day. However, when it's already too late for planning, I think that hard work and coffee are fundamental keys to success.

  • How do you approach disagreements with your manager?

    I try to cooperate and find a compromise that will satisfy both sides. At the end of the day, we are all swimming in the same boat.

  • How would you describe “great” code?

    It is a code consistent with standards that the entire team agreed on. It follows good coding practices and is safe, secure, reliable and easy to maintain.

  • What is your current favourite mobile app? Why?

    It is Spotify. The UI is super simple but very effective; you can quickly find what you want. It has been my go-to app for many years.

  • Can you tell us about a project that you were passionate about from your experience?

    In 2021-2022 I took part in rebranding one of the biggest parcel delivery & courier services in the Uk. I worked in a team responsible for creating a new Component Library that was later used across the entire company. Also, our team took a significant part in the reskinning process of the company’s website. All that under massive pressure from the upcoming short deadline.

  • What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

    My most outstanding achievement hasn’t come yet, but I must say that I’m proud that I moved to a different country and managed to make a decent life here. Now I know that I can do and learn whatever it takes to achieve my goals.

  • What is your greatest failure?

    It's that I didn't start learning about the programme earlier. Well, you know, I knew about it. I knew that it might be exciting and that I might like it. But I didn't give it a try. I know that I would be a much better developer right now.

  • Tell me about one of your proudest moments at work.

    It was pretty recently, and it wasn't about coding. I asked my Leader to let me design wireframe and later a mockup of a mobile app for one of our clients. And The client loved it. He was pleased with what I did, so now I'm preparing everything to start developing that app.

  • What are you (most) passionate about?

    Outside the work, it's my family and friends. Inside, it's progression, learning and keeping on top of the new tech, and expanding my Javascript knowledge (I even started learning React in my free time).

About tech

  • Do you use React.js?

    Nope. Vue.js is my framework of choice, and I am pleased about that.

  • Windows, Mac or Linux?

    They are all just tools used for the same stuff at the end of the day. Although, I must say that I am a huge Mac Os fan and cannot see myself working on a different system.

how to contact me?

Contact me if you are looking for talented and hard working Senior Frontend Developer!